How to Import 1GB .sql file to phpmyadmin

Step 1: Find the file located in the phpmyadmin directory. In my case it is located here:


Note: phymyadmin3.4.5 folder name is different in different version of wamp

Step 2: Find the line with $cfg['UploadDir'] on it and update it to:

$cfg['UploadDir'] = 'upload';

Step 3: Create a directory called ‘upload’ within the phpmyadmin directory.


Step 4: Copy and paste the large sql file into upload directory which you want importing to phymyadmin

Step 5: Select sql file from drop down list from phymyadmin to import.

sumber copas dari :  (php.ini dan my.ini)



How to solve time out in phpmyadmin?


If even after repeated upload you still get timeout error, pleasechange your settings in


from $cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] = 300; to $cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] = 0; and restart. Now there is no execution time limit (trust we are talking about local server).



xampp MySQL does not start


You already have a version of mySQL installed on this machine that is using port 3306. Go into the most recent my.ini file and change the port to 3307. Restart the mySQL service and see if it comes up.

caranya ketik di terminal:

cd /opt/lampp

sudo ./ (karena pake xampp 64 bit)

keluar panel xampp, pilih mysql, klik menu configure: ganti port ke 3307


Export Import Connections FileZilla and SQLYog

Daripada ketik2 settingan koneksi ftp/database saat pindah2 komputer, ini cara praktisnya :

1. FileZilla (FTP Tool)

untuk export : buka menu file – export

untuk import : menu file – import

2. SQLYog Community Free (Database Tool)

Menu Tools Export / Import Connection Details: (tinggal pilih) Export/Import Connection Details

Enak khaann.. !!


sumber gambar:

Import CSV Data ke Tabel DB

Sekali lagi pakai saja LIBRE CALC dan SQLYog Community Free Edition

Setelah data sheet di save as ke format CSV di libre calc,

import hasil CSV ke SQLYog, dengan cara :

klik kanan salah satu tabel di DB, pilih import – import CSV Data using LOAD LOCAL,

klik tombol change – setting konfigurasi sesuai gambar…

*) bisa klik tombol fill excel friendly values, sisanya sesuaikan centangnya